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Data Recovery Services at Competitive Prices

We have developed the most advanced technology and use state-of-the-art equipment; together with the highest level of expertise
we are able to recover data from any storage device. As a result, we offer our clients the highest success rate of complete data recovery in the industry.

We fair treatment of each project, cost of services depends on the state of the hard drive and time spent. So we don’t need to know the value of your data,  we will give you fair quote and provide you the professional data recovery service.

NO DATA, NO FEE, NO KIDDING,  100% Guaranteed! 

Data Recovery Services Prices

Our Data Recovery Guarantee Policy assures that if we cannot get the required data, no recovery fee will occur. After evaluating the storage device, at no charge, our clients will receive a price quote for their recovery case. This free evaluation will determine the recovery costs, the time frame needed to complete the recovery, providing an explanation about the nature of the failure. Our fees are determined by the type of storage device that has failed, the media’s physical or logical problem, as well as by the time and expertise needed to fully recover and reconstruct the data.

Once our clients approve the free evaluation results, and after we finalize the Data Recovery Process, as part of the verification of a successful recovery, a list of files will be presented to our clients so they can identify the critical files. We will then provide the recovered data on an alternative storage device of the customer’s choosing and ship it back safely and securely.

Comm Question: Why Is Data Recovery So Expensive?

Data Recovery Services and Solutions

  • Media
    • o Hard Drive Data Recovery
    • o Removable Media Data Recovery
    • o Memory Card Data Recovery
    • o Mobile Device / PDA Data Recovery
    • o Tape Data Recovery
    • o SSD Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • Computer Systems
    • Laptop Data Recovery
    • Desktop/Workstation Data Recovery
    • Server Data Recovery
  • File Systems
    • o Unix, Linux Data Recovery
    • o RAID, SAN, NAS Data Recovery
    • o Apple Xserve / Xsan Data Recovery
    • o Snap Server Data Recovery
  • Virtual Server
    • o Microsoft Hyper-V VHD Data Recovery
    • o VMware® ESX/GSX Data Recovery
  • Database Recovery
    • o SQL Server Data Recovery
    • o Exchange Server Data Recovery
    • o Other Databases Data Recovery
  • Data Migration / Conversion


Hard Drive Data Recovery Server Disk Recovery
        Recovering   data from physically or logically damaged hard drives owing to mechanical and electrical failure can be a challenge. Our hard drive data recovery service labs and data recovery management experts have years of professional experience to handle even the most complex situations.         A server crash is an administrator’s worst   nightmare.  It can leave you with  costly downtime and days of lost   productivity. We bring you file recovery, disk recovery and data restoration   by the best data recovery experts in the field. We are pioneeers in recovering data from servers. We restore data like no one else. 
Desktop /   Workstation Laptop Recovery
        In the domestic, academic, and corporate   sectors, desktop PCs and workstations have become an everyday part of a   room’s furniture. We have the industry leading recovery solutions pertaining to desktops and   workstations and the proprietary recovery software to meet your needs.   Recover files, recover deleted data, and eliminate   application downtime with the hard drive data recovery service experts.         Owing to the widespread use of notebooks / laptops in today’s   fast paced business environment, data loss due to a unpredicted event is a   common scenario. We can help you recover lost datarecover   deleted data, and recover formatted data.