Laptop Hard Drive repair or replacement

Laptop hard drive failure is a common issue of laptop repairs. Replacing or upgrading your laptop’s hard drive is not difficult at all unless you have no access to your hard drive from the bottom of your laptop. Some laptops like Apple MacBook Pro, Sony VGN-SZ series and most of mini Netbooks, hard drives usually hide under the palm rest panels or mount on the motherboards. To get access to the hard drives, you have to disassemble the laptops by using professional tools.

If you try to replace hard drives by yourself, be careful, when you install the new one, don’t break hard drive connectors or contact pins. If this happens, don’t worry, we will be able to fix or replace broken pins. In some cases, broken or bent pins will short the hard drive logic board to cause the hard drive will be not recognized by the motherboard. For saving data in the hard drive, we will replace the damaged components on the hard drive controller board to make the hard drive come alive.