Laptop Battery repair or replacement

Most of today’s laptops are powered with Lithium-ion batteries. Usually, laptop batteries are not interchangeable with others due to power output voltages and physical shapes.

There are two major parts in the battery’s case. One is a group of Lithium-ion cells(4 cells, 6 cells and more), another one is circuit board which has a “smart” chip on it to set the charger to the correct charge algorithm.

Laptop battery life is directly affected by what function you perform. If you use different devices in your laptop, like play DVD movies from the optical drive or make your LCD screen backlight to maximum brightness, as the power consumption changes, some devices use more power than others, your laptop battery will last shorter than normal use.

If you don’t maintain your battery properly, the “smart” chip will lock up your battery and stop charging it. In this case, we can reprogram the chipset to unlock the battery. For worn out battery cells, we will be able to replace them with brand new cells and calibrate the battery by special software after cell replacement.