Data Recovery Pricing

If you have any questions about our pricing model in regards to your specific case,feel free to call us at 416-855-0103 and one of our team members would be glad toanswer your questions.

Standard hard drive recovery services are for the following 2.5″ and 3.5″ hard drive interfaces:

  • IDE
  • SATA
  • USB 2.0/3.0
  • SCSI
  • SAS

The pricing model is as follows:

<  1TB 1TB – 2TB 2.5TB – 3TB > 3TB SSD
*Level 1 <$350 $450 $600 $800 $350
Level 2 $650 $750 $900 $1100 $750
Level 3 $1100 $1200 $1350 $1550 $2500
Level 4 To be quoted on a case-by-case basis

Level Descriptions:

Level 1 – Logical issus such as deleted files, overwritten file system, minor media damage, minor file system damage
Level 2 – Physical issues such as damaged electronics, significant media damage, firmware issues, major file system damage
Level 3 – Physical issues such as damaged read/write heads, seized motor
Level 4 – Physical issues so severe that most labs call unrecoverable and require our adavanced team to engineer a custom solution.  Drives sent for second opinion after another lab has called the project unrecoverable would automatically fall into this category.  All drives that  arrive with a broken seal will fall under this category.

* By sending a drive in for assessment, it is assumed that you pre-approve the Level 1 pricing for your drive size.
** The pricing listed above is for standard non time sensitive residential services for single hard drives with an average turn around of 10 business days.
*** Prices subject to change without notice.

 Flash media recovery services include the following media types:

  • USB Thumb Drive
  • SD Card
  • XD Card
  • Memory Stick
  • Compact Flash

Flash media pricing:

Level 1 $45-$150
Level 2 $250
Level 3 $500
Level 4   To be quoted on a case by case basis

Level descriptions:

  • Level 1 – Logical recovery of deleted files or formatted card
  • Level 2 – Minor physical damage that can be repaired
  • Level 3 – Major physical damage the requires chip removal and low level chip recovery
  • Level 4 – Super complex cases where significant reverse engineering are required.  This includes all damaged monolithic devices.

RAID Data Recovery Pricing:

Assessment fee: $100 x # of drives ($150 x # of drives larger than 1TB) in the full RAID

Recovery cost is calculated based on the condition of each individual drive based on the standard recovery pricing chart added together.

Data Recovery Service Level Options:

  • Expedited Service (+ 50% of service level price) – project is bumped to the front of the queue, but is only worked on during standard business hours
  • Rush Service ($1000 up-front, non-refundable) – covers costs of staff working after hours and weekends to get the project done faster.  There are times when there is nothing that can be done to speed up the transfer rate
  • Holidays Service ($2000 up-front, non-refundable) – same as Rush Service, but staff are called in to work on statutory holidays.

Extra Fees:

  • Drive Previously Opened – $100 up-front fee
  • Fire/Water Damage Cleanup – $100/drive
  • Password encrypted drives – fee will vary depending on the type of encryption and ease of access to the necessary credentials to access the data
  • FTP Download – $5/GB in 1GB increments
  • Destination Media – clients can supply a blank destination drive when they supply their project or our team will quote for a new destination drive once the volume of recoverable data has been determined.