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Our goal: “Get the best solutions for your computer issues. Save your time, save your money, match your budget.”–Toronto Beach Computers.

Experience computer services since 1987, serviced Beach Toronto area since 2007.
Thanks for all our customers, neighbours and about 350 local business.We’re happy to services your computers and network issues. We will give you exact price before starting any repair. If you happy with our services, please tell your family and friends. If you don’t please tell us and we will improve it and try our best to make yours satisfaction.

Computers aren’t the most user-friendly technology around. Installing a new operating system is a daunting task. Upgrading the hardware is a mystery to most.Sometimes they crash, or get viruses, or simply stop working altogether. Heck, even cleaning it can be a pain.

Our expert computer technicians provide a wide variety of services to keep your computer on pace with your lifestyle. No matter what the problem—anything from virus trouble, to broken hardware, to sluggish performance—we can diagnose your desktop or laptop correctly and repair it matched your time and your budget.

Store at : 2219 Queen Street East (Queen St. East and Wineva Ave) ON M4E 1E8

Tel:  (416) 855-0103              Email: services@beachimpressions.com

Business Hours : Monday: Closed

                            Tue- Fri  10:00am to 7:00 pm  

                            Sat-Sunday 10:00am to 5:00 pm

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