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Laptop won’t charge anymore? Still works on battery?

Answer: Need DC Jack Replace or Repair

If you have a loose or broken dc connection where you plug in the power on your laptop, or it works intermittently, you could have a bad dc jack.

Loose or broken dc jack (power connector) on your laptop’s motherboard will cause the unit:
• Dead (no power at all)— the contact pins of the jack are broken or totally disconnected from the motherboard.
• Battery will not get charged or intermittently get charged.—the pins of the jack are still connected on the motherboard but become loose.
• Burning smell comes from DC jack area—the broken pins of the jack were shorted and damaged some components on the motherboard.


  • Move the power plug and the laptop loses connection
  • Broken or cracked dc jack
  • Laptop won’t charge but worked on battery
  • Power LED and battery LED flicker when the adapter tip is moved
  • Battery won’t charge
  • Sparks come out the back of the laptop

Why does this happen?

  • Flaw in manufacturer designs
  • Use of universal or non-original ac adapter
  • Lots of plugging and unplugging of the ac adapter
  • Tripping on or pulling the ac adapter cord

The wrong information some repair centers give:

Most service centers don’t want to deal with this problem on a micro repair basis. Many, including the large nationwide stores and the laptop’s manufacturer, will either tell you the machine is not repairable or that it needs a new motherboard. These quotes usually run from $250 to as much as $800. They choose to ignore the fact that a broken power dc jack can be repaired without a motherboard replacement.

Common brands with this problem are HP/Compaq, Toshiba, Dell, and Gateway. Don’t pay hundreds to fix something that can be done for under 100$. Many repair places only replace the motherboard and that can cost anywhere from $300-$1000.

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Do you provide other services?
We repair all types of laptop problems (Screens, Inverters, Keyboards, Hinges, Data Recovery, Software, Upgrades, and Sales Consulting. We also fix any desktop problem.

Do you repair or replace the dc jack?
We only replace the jack with factory original parts. Fixing can be longer and harder to warranty.

Do you need a password?
No password is required.

Do I need to send the ac adapter?
Yes. We need the adapter to effectively diagnose the laptop and test upon completing the repair.

Do I need to send the hard drive?
No. If you aren’t familiar with how to take it out you might want to leave it in.

Am I charged if the repair doesn’t work?
If no one has ever worked on the dc jack internally we have a no fix, no fee policy.
If you send your laptop with broken or loose DC power jack to manufacturer service center, they will replace entire motherboard for more than $400 and take at least one week to solve this simple problem. We will be able to replace the broken DC jacks on the motherboard with brand new original power jacks or repair the loose jacks by using special tools because some power jacks( like Dell, Acer, Gateway power jacks) can’t be easily removed by regular soldering iron. The most of laptop DC power jacks can be replaced by our qualified technicians in same days and come with 90 days warranty.