Laptop Motherboard repair or replacement

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There are 3 common issues related to  laptop motherboard (system board).
1)  Liquid spilled on the motherboard. (could be water, coffee, juice, milk, wine)
In this case, we need to inspect damaged areas on the motherboard, depends on the conditions, 80 percent of liquid damaged motherboards can be fixed. Usually, keyboards will not work properly if motherboards got spilled liquid. It looks like some keys are not working or a group of keys have no response at all. We will replace the keyboard with a brand new one at lowest price after we fixed motherboard because we have all common models laptop keyboards in stock with different colours and finishing.
2)  Dead motherboard with no activity at all.
This problem usually caused by power surge or overheating. We will troubleshoot the motherboard to find out damaged or defective components and replace them by using our advanced equipments and updated schematics, this kind of problem can be repaired in 2 or 3 days.
3)  Motherboard with video issue.
When you power on the machine, there is no display or abnormal image on screen, you are experiencing video issue on your motherboard. This problem is caused by loose or shorted BGA video chip or video memory on the motherboard or on the individual video card. We will do BGA rework or replacement for this video chip or memory to fix the problem.
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