Laptop LCD Backlight repair or replacement

We provide laptop LCD backlight lamp replacement for dim LCD panel with CCFL( Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) backlight.

If you have dim screen problem on your laptop, inverter board failure is not the only reason. Broken or worn out lamps will cause dim display as well. When you turn on the laptop you will get reddish screen in a few seconds then appear to normal display or after a couple of seconds flicker the screen will go black. In this case, you need a new CCFL lamp for your laptop screen.

Replacing lamp is not an easy repair job because the lamp is fragile and you need to disassemble the LCD panel to remove the lamp. If not doing properly, the lamp will be broken or the screen will be damaged permanently.

Our experienced technicians can do lamp replacement very quickly with high success rate. Usually, this repair will be done in same day.

For LED backlight LCD screen, there is white LED array inside the screen instead of CCFL lamp. Inverter board is no longer necessary for LED backlight screens.