Service Rates

Our guarantee:
Our goal is to ensure you are fully satisfied with the services performed by our Computer Service Technicians. If, for whatever reason, you are not completely satisfied with our service, we will make every effort to make it right. We guarantees the service workmanship performed by our Technicians, provided no additional services was taken place other than by our authorized Service technicians or later subsequent virus infections/misuse from the users after the repair. We will correct any defects in workmanship of the installation service purchase. We perform a wide range of services for your computer including both software and hardware servicing.

Setup Services

Starting From: $19.00

System Assembly Basic building and installation of a system with new components such as motherboard, CPU, hard drive, memory, case & PS and DVD writer additional more elaborate configurations such as multi-GPU and RAID systems (subjected to additional charge)

– starting from $29.99

– Add one (1) year parts and labor warranty service – starting from $19.99

– Add Operating System* installation – starting from $29.99 * sold separately

Doc/Internal/Email Set-up


Router Configuration


Wireless network setup. Check if encryption is enabled; SSID broadcasting is enabled; Checking file sharing programs; Firewall is enabled, connection issue (one PC)


Notebook image creation with recovery disks


Installation of the upgrade components (sold Separately) into your existing machine: 10% discount for 2 or more component upgrades





Video Board




Expansion card


Hard Drive, DVD-RW Burner


Printer, Scanner, Camera


Power Supply


Operating System Installation

– Desktop Reinstallation of the operating system (sold separately) on your existing machine, including configuration and driver installation


Operating System Installation

– Notebook Reinstallation of the operating system (sold separately) on your existing machine, including configuration and driver installation


Other Software Installation


Minor software
Business software
Anti-Virus/Spyware Installation

Data Backup and Recovery

Data Backup / Data Transfer. Max 9GB Additional $1.00 per GB to a maximum of $99.00 or 50GB. Customer is responsible to provide the device or medium for data transfer


Hard Drive Data Recovery


– Diagnostic fee to check whether the data is recoverable


Maintenance Services
System Cleanup A physical clean-up of your system by removing dust, helping to prevent malfunction or overheating


Tweak & Tune UP Cleaning up temporary files, start-up files and registry; Defragging HD; reviewing soft wares that may be slowing down the system; Reviewing Windows update


Virus/Spyware Removal


System Diagnostic. A system diagnostic to determine the cause of a system malfunction and to pinpoint the fault and provide you with all available options


System Diagnostic & Repair (LA-DIAGREP) An attempt to find the cause of a system malfunction and repair it during the diagnosis


Other Laptop repairs (Labor only, parts extra)




Keyboard replacement


DC Jack replacement


Wireless Adaptor


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