Data Recovery Expensive???

       Is Data Recovery Expensive?

We do everything we can to keep the cost of recovery low. It’s the best
way to keep customer satisfaction high, and in our highly competitive industry, it’s
necessary for success. Through constant research and development efforts and our
efficient proprietary recovery procedures, we are able to charge less than our competition,
provide higher recovery rates, and the fastest turnaround times. And even though
the cost of data recovery has dropped by more than 50% in the last three years, the
price is still high in many cases. Here are some of the key factors in the cost of

  • Every drive is unique. Standardization lowers the cost of data recovery,
    but only to a certain point – every drive may have different failure symptoms,
    different electronics, and even completely different parts within the same
    model number. We make sure everything is done to get a recovery on every drive,
    which leads to our industry-leading recovery rates, though it does also increase
    the cost of recovery.
  • Parts costs. For many drives with damaged heads, spindles, or electronics, there
    is no way to get a recovery without transplanting parts from a healthy drive.
    These parts often need to be extremely specific (past a matched model number,
    often involving a match of a revision code or serial number) and may need to be
    electronically and physically altered in order to be safely usable for recovery.
    We keep a constantly growing inventory of several thousand drives to make sure
    that cases are treated as quickly as possible, with an average cost of $140 per
  • Lab technology. Each our laboratory is a multi-million dollar
    facility, and nearly all of that money goes into technology necessary to safely
    perform data recovery. Class 100 clean rooms with clean flow benches, firmware
    repair tools, proprietary recovery programs, and dozens of other tools are available
    for the engineers at every lab, making each location equally capable of dealing
    with any issue.

We realize that the cost of data recovery can be an unwanted and unexpected expense.
In order to ensure you get what you pay for we offer a No Data, No Charge guarantee that
if we don’t retrieve the files you need, there’s never a charge for our services.
If you would like more information, or if you have any questions about your case,
please contact our customer service team at the number below.

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